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Life In Ireland

Ireland has become my home away from home.  It's my third time here, and every time I fall in love with this little country even more.  The weather is my least favorite part, but even that is a nice break away from the scorching hot Florida summer.  The rain is nicer, too.  Currently, our yard is flooded back at home.  At least this rain blows away as quickly as it comes.

This being my husband's home, the land he grew up in, and the location where his entire family still lives, has made it even more like home for me.  I see the joy it brings him to be here.  It's as if he is a changed man the moment he steps off the plane.  I think the children and I are the only ones who have the priviledge of knowing both sides to him.  I don't think anyone here would recognize him in the states, nor would anyone from Florida recognize (much less understand) him over here. But it's heartwarming for me to see him in his element, on both sides of the ocean.  
He is an amazing perso…

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