A Beautiful Daze

BREATHE::: Today marks the first official day of Summer break for us!

Did you miss me? I missed me, too!

I could waste a lot of time here, covering every bases of what has kept me insane over the past few months (like a week in ICU with TuTu, Stud and I officially getting engaged, Christmas in Ireland, our apartment flooding, another hospital visit for TuTu which included surgery, planning a wedding... Oh, and HOMESCHOOLING Ninja) but instead, I will sum it all up into simpler terms: For those of you who think women that make the commitment to be fulltime stay-at-home mom's are lucky, lazy, BORED, or any of the other adjective I may have missed, think again. 

When Stud and I decided, together, that I would take the editing position for an online transcription company, and then branch out to become my own contractor, we both had imagined me at home with the baby, and while he was at work and Ninja was away at school for most of the day I would have laundry put away, the house spotless, and dinner ready by the time they both returned home.  I think, perhaps, in Stud's mind I was even barefoot and wearing a cute little apron, with my hair dolled up and makeup on.  

The poor man.

Instead, what happened was, because I made myself "more available" I quickly got promoted to Teacher-Principal-Taxi Driver-House Keeper-Secretary-Financial Adviser-Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Manager-Scheduler-Office Manager-Chef-Nurse-Nutritionist-Wedding Planner-Editor-Personal Contractor-Wife-In-Training-Stay-At-Home-Mom...  Say THAT 10 x's fast! Yep, I now hold the most important title I have ever held in my entire career life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love every last minute of my life.  Some have said they couldn't handle so much stress, but I prefer to call it a beautiful daze.  Every minute of my life is worth the commitments and sacrifices that I've made.  My eyes may appear tired, but they are not sad.  

That is why I've decided to change my name from Self Sufficient Mom to A Beautiful Daze.  It suits me and this blog much better.  While I have lived the majority of my motherhood as a very self sufficient mom, I no longer need to depend on myself for everything.  If I'm going to refer to myself as Self Sufficient, I would need to cut back on how much I talk about Stud and not give him so much credit.  That's just not possible. Therefore, as my life is changing, so should my title change to fit the new me.

Needless to say, blogging and any other "leisure" activity has simply fallen by the wayside recently, but I'm making an extreme effort to step up to the plate during the summer.  I'm going to do a little more writing, possibly even make a start at the book I've always wanted to write! Maybe that's moving a little too fast.  
Baby steps, April.  Baby steps.

Most importantly, I'm making the executive decision to ENJOY my children this summer! Less electronics for ALL of us and more rays of light, whether the sun is shining or not.  I follow a few other bloggy mom's (more like Super Heroes, in my eyes, because they manage to some how find time to write AND do all of the other things aforementioned) who have truly inspired me to use electronics only for necessities, and otherwise enjoy the simplicities with my children while I still have the chance to do so.  Stud doesn't know it yet, but he is going to get in on this too.  Oh yes, he is.

I'm sure he won't mind, as long as it means we get to spend more time on the boat and fishing! 


I didn't set any New Years Resolutions for myself, but I have set some goals for this summer, and the two on the top of my list are "connect more with friends & family in the real world and less through social media, and lose 20 lbs!"

I'm counting on my readers to hold me accountable for my goals.  I know I can do it with your support and encouragement.

Have you set goals for yourself this summer? I would love to hear about them!


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