Daddy's Little Girl

The second eye opener I've had with TuTu's birth is the power of love between a daddy and his little girl.  I've understood clearly the strength in a bond between mommy and son as I've lived it with Ninja, but I only could understand "Daddy's Little Girl" from my own point of view growing up with my wonderful dad.  I have recently witnessed the other side and have been deeply touched by the love that has already fully bloomed between Stud and TuTu.  I can honestly tell you she knew her daddy from the moment she was born.  He is the only one she spends forever staring at, focusing on his face.  She turns his way as soon as she hears his voice.  She fusses for me but coos for him and even gives the closest to a smile that we've seen so far... to Stud.  Sometimes it seems like I'm the milk maid while daddy is the knight in shining armor.

I'm not saying this to complain because I wouldn't trade it for the world.  And yes, of course, TuTu and I do have our own precious bond.  First of all, I can understand the love between them because my daddy has always been my hero too.  Likewise, I know the opposite end of the spectrum; the love between me and my son.  There are no favorites in this household, that's clear.  It is evident we all love each other equally and even Stud has explained to Ninja how he loves him just as much as he loves TuTu.  But just as I guessed, this little princess has both of the boys wrapped around her finger.  Well played, my darling girl!

I've heard of some women getting jealous over their husband's love for their daughter and (unless the husband is truly unfair with the way he treats his wife) I don't understand it.  Seeing the pair get twinkles in their eyes when they're together puts a smile in my own heart and makes me fall in love with them even more.  And to be honest, I don't see it getting in the way of my relationship with either of them.  If anything, it has brought Stud and I that much closer to each other.

More than discovering the special bond between these two, it has made me reflect on my own relationship between me and my dad.  I have always known how blessed I am with the two amazing parents God gave me, and I have always cherished them.  But I sit here tonight specifically counting myself lucky for the relationship I always had with my daddy.  From the quality time he spent with me as a child, playing games with me and my brother that encouraged us to broaden our imaginations, to the time he spent helping me with homework and practicing my lines for plays and songs I would perform.  He has always been my biggest fan.  After a hard days work, he wouldn't just come home and plop himself in front of the television expecting everyone to let him rest for the evening.  Even though my dad has always had "his chair" in the living room, he didn't rest in it until he knew he gave his family enough attention and love first and foremost.  Whenever we needed him he was there.  In the middle of the night if something scared me he would be in my room by my side before I even had time to finish crying for him.  When I went through my divorce he took the time to talk to me, cry with me, and even get on his knees and pray with me for direction and strength.  Even after some of the hard times I put my parents through (it's true, believe it or not, I haven't always been perfect ;) both of my parents have never stopped loving me.  

My dad's wisdom and advice, whether I wanted to hear it at the time or not, has always made a greater impact on me than anyone else in this world, with the acception of my mom.  I may not have always taken his advice when I should have but what I discovered is no matter what choices or mistakes I have made, my daddy has always been by my side.

I was watching the beautiful video my best friend Jenn made for me of the day TuTu was born, and something stuck out to me.  Everyone was there to see me and the baby, and I got plenty of attention from the whole gang but while most of them were dying to catch a glimpse of our littlest addition my dad was anxiously waiting to be by my side.  He wanted to make sure his grand baby was okay, definitely, but he also wanted to make sure his baby girl was safe and sound.  And that is evident in the video.

My friend has the youtube video listed for only friends invited so I can't post the video but I encourage you to follow this link and watch it.  It has been known to make grown men cry: Roisin Ruby's Arrival .

Seeing Stud's love for TuTu has shown me firsthand the love my dad felt for me from the moment he laid eyes on me.  And knowing what an incredible daddy I've had since the day I was born assures me of what a wonderful daddy Stud will always be to his very own "Daddy's Girl."

Me & My Daddy at the Tallulah Gorge in GA when I was 7 yrs old -- 1992


  1. Well you've done it again! Blubbering like a baby at my desk! You know - I too, have a similar story about my Dad being right by my side when Devin was born. I was in so much pain after I had Devin and while everyone was cooing over my new little guy, my Daddy never left my side. Everyone followed Devin up to the room when the nurses took him - but Dad and Judi stayed next to me until I joined everyone else in the room. Funny that I had forgotten that until reading your blog. You are a very blessed young woman, April! Dusty is truly an amazing Father, Uncle, Brother, Son! Cherish him everyday. I love you very much! <3


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