Who Am I?


Let me begin this journey by giving you a little more background on myself.  I am a very proud mother to a handsome 5-year-old boy who has encompassed my life and turned me into a puddle of liquid in his hands.  In other words, he has me twisted around his finger I love him so much.

For most of our time together, I was a single mom to my son, who we'll refer to as Ninja (because he often wishes he could be one).  I don't pity myself; I look back on all of that time with pride and joy in my heart for all of the valuable lessons it taught me.  Each stepping stone is what made me who I am today, and most importantly the devoted mother that I am.

A turn of events changed our life entirely almost 8 months ago, when my boyfriend of 3 years and I received the news that we were expecting a little one.  Of course, it was unexpected, but all three of us (Ninja included) embraced the news with pure excitement.  Now, what was once a household of two (just me and my little one) has grown into a home of 3 and one more on the way -- all of us couldn't be happier.  This unexpected bundle of joy has helped bring a family together, officially.

Ninja has begged for years to have a baby brother or sister, not understanding what all it entailed for me.  But he is finally getting his wish.  Because my fiance, who we'll call Stud (because he's my little stuff muffin!), and I have dated for more than half of Ninja's life, they already have a pretty good bond which helps tremendously with our transition into becoming an official family.  Their relationship is more like a father and son, or step-dad and step-son if you prefer.  I couldn't ask for a better man to help me raise both of my children.  His dedication to our family is 100% and his love is pure and genuine; he loves my son like his own.  He is a hard worker and he doesn't stop when he gets home -- he is very tentative to both me and Ninja, even after a hard day's work.  Stud is a wonderful person and truly our best friend.

My boys doing what they love most - fishing and driving boats!

As you can see, I am a very blessed woman.  I have two wonderful boys in my life and another addition due to make his or her appearance in only 7 more weeks! We aren't finding out the sex, so it will be a surprise as to whether Ninja is getting a baby brother or sister.


I'm sure there will be times that I will write more about my personal experiences as a mother but my main goal for this blog is to help promote my plans to earn money while staying home after the baby arrives.  I will have worked full time up until the little one is born but Stud and I decided we didn't want me returning to a full-time job after.  It is time for me to devote more of my attention to my family, which is where my heart belongs anyway.

But of course, raising a family in today's economy is next to impossible based off one income.  So I can't just sit home all day, doing nothing to contribute to our income.  That is where this blog will hopefully become useful.  I have always loved to write and I found a great web site where I can finally pursue that passion on my own by writing articles! Likewise, I already took a job online as an editor of transcriptions.  I haven't had much time to invest into either, quite yet, because I am still managing an office full time and growing a rather large baby in my belly, on top of making sure that I spend enough time with my guys once I finally make it home in the evening.

However, my plan is to pursue these transcriptions and articles to the fullest within a few weeks of the baby's arrival.  Meanwhile, you will see me add posts, articles, etc. as often as I can get around to them; in order to get my feet wet before the day comes that I really need to dive in!

I also intend to help with any side work I can accumulate.  If anyone local knows someone that is wanting a house-cleaner, let me know! In a few months I will be willing and able to babysit for people from time to time.  I may also check into Personal Assistant work online, since I have many years of experience in the clerical field.

My main focus here is to prove to myself that I can generate as much income while spending more time with my children than I was before.  Say a prayer for me that this works, and please feel free to share any advice and tips you may have.  The more the better!  This is a complete learning experience for me and I plan to take you along for the ride.  Perhaps I can also be an inspiration to other parents who are interested in pursuing the same goals.



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