Our Wee Baby Shower

I had such a lovely baby shower, thank you very much to my cousin Heather and my mom for making it possible.  The amount of work, heart and soul they poured into it was evident by the decorations, food, and the smiles on everyone's face.

The theme was Ireland, considering our baby will be 50% American & 50% Irish (daddy was born and raised in Ireland).  It just seemed appropriate and all of the decorations were perfect!

A perfect cake for the Irish shower!

The cutest diaper cake I've seen, hand-crafted by my cousin Heather!

Even the bathroom was decorated for my Irish party!

Also, I want to say a special thank you to everyone who came to my shower. Because of the wonderful gifts we received I was finally able to put the baby's nursery room together! I spent all of the following day (Monday, 7/2/12) fixing things up.  Poor Stud and Ninja did not see much of this nesting mother while she worked away at the room.  Of course, I'm still not quite finished but as soon as I have the time to invite my life-long, crafty friend Heather over she has been patiently waiting to help me paint and put some finishing touches on the room!  In the mean time, take a look at what I have so far:

We are going with neutral colors because we aren't finding out what we're having!

Note the "Kiss Me: I'm Irish" onesie; that will be the baby's first outfit!
A lot of reused things and hand-me-downs that have come in handy!

As you can tell, I'm unable to part with my diaper cake still

Instead of a regular dresser I chose to go with the baskets; a very convenient way to get to diapers as well as to store bibs, toys, pacifiers, etc!
I hung all of the cards that we've received so far on a line with bobby pins, and centered them with a drawing that Gabe made for his "baby brother" (both daddy and him are set on it being a boy)!

 The whole day and this whole experience has been truly a blessing for us.  Even though I've been through a pregnancy before with Ninja, unfortunately my experience was nothing like this.  I lived miles away from all of our friends and family and the support I was getting was nothing compared to the love and support I have received this second time around.  You could easily say I was on my own for most of my pregnancy.  But now I can honestly say the man I am raising my children with has been a blessing from God above (he is currently cooking me lunch right now on his day off -- one of my favorite pregnancy meals: fried egg sandwich with french fries and curry dipping sauce -- Mmm!).  I am thankful every day for my best friend, which may seem funny to some who are reading this and know our history.  But I've often believed what doesn't break you, makes you.  There is no doubt God has tested our love and our strength but only in order to prove to our own selves that we could and will survive!

 My song for my love, my best friend...

Once again, thank you to everyone including those who could not attend the shower, for all of your gifts, encouragement, support, and love.  We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for all of our wonderful friends and family, far and near.


  1. Lovely nursery April! And I love the Picture Gabe made for the bay bee! ;) so sweet!

  2. I love it! The diaper cake is adorable!

  3. Thank you! Since then I have been inspired to try and make my own diaper cakes and sell them on Etsy. It's been a slow start but we'll see!:)


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