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Monday, August 25, 2014


I was coming on here, to my computer, to write about *boring* school stuff (By the way, I was using my 8-year-old son's voice for that part), but of course the force of Facebook was calling my name before I could focus on doing any writing (NO ... I'm not addicted ... ahem!).  As I was perusing through my home page, I came across a note from one of my dearly beloved childhood friends (Which, can I just say that I didn't even know "notes" were still an APP on Facebook??--awesome!--And, yes, I am aware that my technological skills reflect that of a person living in the dinosaur era).  

Ashlee's note really hit home for me and it was quite profound.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in the statistics and politics of the news in this world, that we forget how it would apply to our own individual, personal lives.. or in other words, we often judge or sympathize instead of trying to empathize.  With her permission, I would like to share Ashlee's message and pray that it sinks in for all parents, tonight, wherever you are, even if you aren't a professed Christian.

"Tonight, I was going through the boys normal bedtime routine with them: giving them their baths, brushing their teeth, getting their PJ's on, tucking them into bed, reading them a Bible story and then saying our prayers.  It was in the middle of reading them their Bible story when my mind turned to the children being tortured and killed for their faith in Iraq.  

Slowing down long enough to appreciate the beautiful things that keep me busy!