Song From The Nineties, "Closing Time," Is Not What You Think It is

I usually love songs from the 80's and 90's, but there are a few songs that always got on my nerves.  They were either overplayed or I didn't care for the lyrics (if you haven't figured it out, I'm a lyrical kinda girl).  One of the songs I couldn't stand was "Closing Time," by Semisonic.  It was always a very boring song to me.  The music was semi-pretty (maybe that's how they got their band name?) but the lyrics were just ... dull! They were singing about a bar closing!  What the heck?! And the words just kept repeating, over and over and over again ...

Clever, Blue Guy. Very clever.


So, there I was last Friday morning, holding my newborn baby -- thinking about how quickly he is going to grow and that when he does, I will no longer have babies of my own to hold.  I was stuck sitting there, feeding him ("stuck" is such a poor choice of words, because that's my favorite time of day; a chance to sit down and just hold my munchkin without feeling guilty for being "unproductive") so I decided to utilize that time by going on the computer and seeing what was happening in the world of Facebook (Oh yeah, good ol' addictive Facebook).

I saw that I had a link on my page from my cousin, Heather, with a note that read, "April watch this - it's Awesome!" As soon as I saw that the link had something to do with that stupid song I hated, Closing Time, I grumbled under my breath, "I doubt I'll think it's awesome." But I love my cousin -- more like my sister -- so much that I decided to watch it, anyway,  For her sake, not mine.

I'm so glad I did.

The video is beyond awesome.  It is powerful, especially for any moms and dads out there, and ESPECIALLY if you grew up in the 90's listening to this song!!

Heck, maybe I'm one of the few dummies left in the world who didn't know about this awesome secret.  But even if you already knew about it, you're still going to enjoy reminiscing over it.. Annnnnd, you're welcome.

(NOTE: the video is a tad bit long, but if you don't know the secret behind this song you reallllllly need to watch it from the beginning in order to understand it. I guess what I'm saying is, watch this when you have 10 minutes of free time.)

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