This started out as a personal status, and it just kept growing.... so I gave myself no other choice but to use my blog as the avenue for this vent. 

Sorry, but yes, I am going to probably offend some people.... it is not my intention to offend people, but it is agitating me to see people on Facebook, posting (on Facebook) about how horrible Facebook is for forcing us to download an app which will "track everything about us." I'm sorry, but this is the silliest thing I've heard.

It's so easy to see how fake these accusations are. People are dying around the world, and we're busy debating if Facebook is trying to take over our lives... yet, we are sharing this "FACT" with each other by way of Facebook instead of deleting our Facebook accounts...?! Okay, that makes sense... I guess... or not.

That's actually pretty hypocritical. If Facebook is sooooo evil, why use it at all--even on your computer?? I have news for everyone: Facebook would be able to gather a lot more personal information off your computer than they would your phone.  They also would not blatantly TELL you that they plan to partner with the government and invade your privacy, if that was actually their intention. If you don't want somebody knowing something about you, you probably shouldn't put it (anywhere) on fb... period. It's called social media---------the news travels. Just saying.

Do your homework, people! It's a silly rumor that got started. The permissions Facebook is listing are the same permissions most of your other phone apps have always requested off of you, in order to be able to access your contacts, camera and microphone, so that they can perform all of their features properly. That's all. No, seriously. I really mean it. THAT'S ALL!!!

Obviously, if you're worried about the Facebook app, chances are you didn't check out all of your other phone apps permissions prior to downloading them. Why somebody decided to pick on Facebook messenger, specifically, I'll never understand, but it's getting ridiculous. Almost every app has the same permissions listed, especially if they're socially related in any way.

So here's your homework for the day: Start with reading the articles below, then do your own 5-minute google search. Finally,  please go focus on something more REAL, like the power that the ISIS group is gaining across the world.

NOTE: it is your prerogative to not download the FB messenger app, if you don't feel comfortable doing so. Nobody is putting a gun to your head. However, it's okay if your friends (who did their research) do feel perfectly comfortable keeping their app downloaded, a year after they initially installed it. I promise you, they aren't going to explode and they aren't going to compromise any of your personal information through their phone.

Okay... this pregnant momma rant is over. {{This is the result of not getting much sleep and not feeling well. I'll probably apologize for my crankiness again, later.lol}}

Happy Friday, everyone!!





  1. I habeas the same feelings as you. :) I had to laugh when I read one of these articles on FB because I do read the disclosure/agreement things on the apps I download and, as you said, they are all pretty much the same as FB messenger. :)


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